Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner Show


The year is 1888 and in the house of a prosperous sweet manufacturer something stirs. The stirring is done by the Cook, Mrs Enid Baggins, who is putting the final touches to the secret recipe for the Davenport Dreadnought Drops. Sales of this new product are expected to enhance the fortunes of the Davenport family. But Mrs Baggins is found drowned in her own concoction and foul play is suspected.  Can Inspector Pratt solve the case and get back to investigating a string of murders in Whitechapel? Can Miss Fry help, or is she just a nuisance? Can the audience unwrap the case of sugar and vice?

This Virtual Murder Mystery is filmed in a cinematic style and features a LIVE introduction and conclusion by cast members! Catch this show for 4 nights only!

Directed by Kim Shafer


How to Stream

Sugar and Vice Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner Show will stream (with live and filmed components) on April 30, May 1, May 7, and May 8 at 7 p.m. CST each night.

Purchase tickets here:

This virtual murder mystery dinner show is unlike any virtual experience you have encountered before! STC is making dinner plans easy for you on show night. Simply choose which date and how many people you will be feeding, and STC will do the ordering for you! On show night, your food order will be ready for pick up at the restaurant during our pick-up window, log-in to ShowTix4U, and enjoy your food and show! Ticket purchases that include food MUST be ordered by 5 p.m. on the Wednesday before your show. Here are our food options:


April 30 & May 1 (La Piazza)

La Piazza Cucina Italiana

Menu (each pizza/salad combo feeds 2-3 people)

  • Margherita Pizza (Half-baked. You will finish baking the pizza at home for optimal freshness)
  • Mediterranean Salad

Food pick up will be at La Piazza (220 S 6th St.) from 4:00-5:30 p.m. on show night.


May 7 & May 8 (Jerk Shop Go)

Jerk Shop Go Jamaican Flavor with a Twist

Menu Options (each meal feeds 1)

  • Jerk Quesadilla w/ Red Beans and Caribbean Sweet Corn
  • Jerk Chicken Tips w/ Cabbage and Jerk Egg Roll

Food pick up will be at Jerk Shop Go (213 S 5th St.) from 5:30-6:45 p.m. on show night.


Anvil & Forge Brewing and Distilling

Anvil & Forge Brewing and Distilling. Springfield, Il

We are partnering with Anvil & Forge as our preferred beverage option for our Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner Shows! More details to come for ticket purchasers on this special event partnership! Anvil & Forge is located within a few blocks from both La Piazza and Jerk Shop Go. Before you head home to watch the show, stop on over to Anvil & Forge to take advantage of this partnership.


Live too far away for our restaurant options? Already have dinner plans? NO WORRIES, you can still view the virtual show by purchasing just a streaming ticket (no dinner).

For more information, visit our Tickets page or if you are ready to purchase your tickets, go to



Inspector Arthur Pratt of Scotland Yard – Tanner Stephens

Millie Fry one of those new-fangled lady reporters – Katharine Baumann

Great Aunt Edna Rowntree the family matriarch – Shirley McConnaughay

Miss Treadwell Edna’s paid companion – Sydney Weber

Rolo Davenport the confectioner – Andrew Rains

Delphinia Davenport his daughter – Virginia Ferguson

Willie Mackintosh a sweet delivery boy – Graham Kinley

Frobisher Davenport’s butler – Danny Lee

Lord St John Snearing Delphinia’s suitor – Adam Perschbacher

Austere Brickwall – Tammy Guthrie

Felicity Smilesmore Jenna Crenshaw