About Us


The Springfield Theatre Guild incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 1947.

From that time on — through performances in many Springfield venues before the construction of our building at 101 E. Lawrence, to our name change to Springfield Theatre Centre and our new location at the Hoogland Center for the Arts — our goal has been the same.

We bring our community and the performing arts together. We strive to provide Central Illinois with quality theatre, educational opportunities, and a creative outlet for live theatrical arts.

Our White Rabbit Family series, PAVE arts camp, and our affiliation with the Active & Creative Teen Theatre offer young people an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to build confidence not only in performance, but in all aspects of theatre. As we celebrate over 70 years of bringing our community and the performing arts together, we welcome your participation. Whether you are a member of the SRO Club, actor, director, support staff, volunteer or a member of our audience, we sincerely appreciate your support for 70+ years!


STC Harassment Policy Statement

STC is committed to maintaining an environment free of any type of harassment that diminishes the dignity of the people involved with our productions. STC has adopted a detailed policy on this subject.

A copy of this complete statement is available upon request, but in summary: harassment, whether verbal, non-verbal, or physical, will not be tolerated in the STC environment. This includes all rehearsals, performances, social events performed at the Hoogland Center for the Arts (HCFTA), or any other function where the person is working on behalf of STC.

It is the policy of STC that anyone working with children while participating in STC events will refrain from any private social media contact with minors, including, but not limited to email, texts, snapchats, phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, or any similar electronic application.  Any required communication must either be made on a public or semi-public forum (i.e. closed Facebook group involving all members of cast and crew of a production and includes the STC Exec Board) or include the minor’s parent or guardian on the correspondence.

Any cast, crew, or staff member who feels subjected to harassment of any sort, or who has knowledge of harassing conduct within the STC environment, is encouraged to report such conduct to the director, assistant director, producer, or to any member of the STC Board of Directors.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, feel free to ask your director, your producer(s), or a member of the STC Board.