The True Adventures of Aladdin

February 9-11 & 16-18, 2018
Written and Directed by: Gil and Ann Opferman

School Workshops
Thursday, February 15th at 9:45 a.m.

***Please note the use of strobe lights and loud sound effects will be used during the production***

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Disney version!  Written and Directed by Springfield’s Gil Opferman, this production is sure to thrill audiences of any age.  Based on the original story from the classic collection of stories in “1001 Arabian Nights”, is the tale of Aladdin, an impoverished boy who is tricked by a wicked sorcerer to retrieve a magic lamp from an enchanted cave.  When Aladdin releases a genie from the lamp, all sorts of adventures ensue!  Follow Aladdin as he uses the magic of the genie and his own cleverness to face a final challenge to save Princess Boudrabadour from the evil clutches of the sorcerer.

Meet the Cast

Young Aladdin-Gabe Woodruff
Grown Aladdin-Justin Brandon
Young Princess Boudrabadour-Morgan Root
Grown Princess Boudrabadour-Abby Robinson
Scherazade-Vidya Sundareshan
Mother-Karee Prince
Sorcerer-Jeff Prince
Father/Sultan-Tim McNeil
Grand Vizier-William Adams
Maid-Erin Sullivan
Genie of the Ring-Katharine Eastvold
Genie of the Lamp-Jim Covert
Evil Sultan-Mr. Sreedhar
Guard 1/Hazz-Gavin Martin
Guard 2/Jedi-Adam Schnell
Guard 3/Panra-Juliet Woodruff
Guard 4/Amir-Brandyn Butler
Guard 5/Fabia-Olivia Ravelle
Courtesan 1/Panra-Grace Jacobs
Courtesan 2/Ekra-Amelia Curtis
Courtesan 3/Dara-Aunshka Nanda
Courtesan 4/Tuti-Brigid Wilhite
Courtesan 5/Lena-Carmen Dilman
Fruit Merchant/Aziz-Courtney Bales
Silk Merchant/Rana-Lanetta Cole
Carpet Merchant/Qadir-Anna Haage
Bread Merchant/Lamman-Grace Ann Prince
Lamp/Bangle Merchant/Abbas-Connor Dove
Mother/Muna-Carrie Penell
Muna’s child/Dara/Rude Kid/Al’s servant-Sania Cole Odom
Muna’s child/Juba/Rude Kid/Al’s servant-Saina Sreehar
Mother/Khaliq-Nicole Speciale
Kahliq’s child/Lama-Kristianna Eastvold
Khaliq’s child/Madeeha-Elizabeth Payton Bell
Mother/Wajeera-Zoe Chase
Wajeera’s child/Jabira-Manhitha Mamillapalli
Wajeera’s child/Rafi/Rude Kid-Anshul Nagrecha
Grand Vizier’s Son/Nabi-Zaiden Cormier
Suitor/Daeb-Arnav Nagrecha

Amani-Piper Chase
Shakoor-Madalyn Linderman
Ira-Cade McNeil
Ghedah-Roma Shailesh Hakeem
Aladdin’s Best Friend-Tadhg Wilhite
Yasmeen-Arya Sreedhar
Zahrab-Anna Headman
Ibrahim-Jawan Stevenson
Rashid/Al’s servant-Jeremiah Haycraft
Aladdin’s friends/Madi-Ainsley McMann
Aladdin’s friends/Kafi/Al’s servant-Jonathan Long
Aladdin’s friends/Doha/Al’s servant-Charlotte Ratz



Staff List

Author and Co-Director
Gil Opferman

Ann Opferman

Assistant Director
Alyssa Sammons

Costume Designer
Deb Iams

Melody Sheehan

Set Designer
Craig Williams

Master Builder
Dave Sammon

Lighting Design
Kevin Zepp

Sound Design
Nathan Moss

Graphic Design
Tom Opferman

Make-up Design
Gwen Cribbett

Amber McFarland

Jennifer Gronewold

Stage Manager
Jacob Pahde

Kid Coordinator
Trisha Headman