The True Adventures of Aladdin

February 9-11 & 16-18, 2018
Written and Directed by: Gil and Ann Opferman
Auditions: November 18, 2017

School Workshops
Thursday, February 15th at 9:45 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

November 20th – Cast Meeting & Script Read Through
Monday – Friday, 6:30-8:30 p.m. starting January 2nd

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Disney version!  Written and Directed by Springfield’s Gil Opferman, this production is sure to thrill audiences of any age.  Based on the original story from the classic collection of stories in “1001 Arabian Nights”, is the tale of Aladdin, an impoverished boy who is tricked by a wicked sorcerer to retrieve a magic lamp from an enchanted cave.  When Aladdin releases a genie from the lamp, all sorts of adventures ensue!  Follow Aladdin as he uses the magic of the genie and his own cleverness to face a final challenge to save Princess Boudrabadour from the evil clutches of the sorcerer.


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We will have audition sessions for both adults and children on Nov. 18 at the Hoogland Center for the Arts with sessions at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, & 12:30. Call backs will be at 2:30 if they are needed.  If you cannot make the audition date, please contact Gil at (217) 416-0290 for an alternate slot on Thursday, November 16th at 6:30 p.m.

During the audition we give you structured opportunities to use your body and face to express different emotions that pop up in the show. We will look at your creativity in making your character come alive. We expect you to totally pretend and become that character without speaking. IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL IF YOU WERE FAMILIAR WITH THE STORY, AND WE DON’T MEAN ALADDIN, JR. Read the book. 

The second part of the audition will be reading from the script. We will give you something to read, maybe by yourself, or possible with another auditionee in a scene from the show. We will be listening how you use your voice (and can we hear you) and combine that with your face and body to create the complete character. We want to be that totally real character. This is fun and a chance to just let go and see what you can come up with. Every actor in the show will have lines, but no matter what the part, you will be acting all the time you are on stage.

If you would like to read a bit of the script to prepare – take a sneak peek at Act 1 here!

Aladdin-Act 1-Sc.1

Aladdin-Act 1-Sc.2

Aladdin-Act 1-Sc.3

Aladdin-Act 1-Sc. 4

Aladdin-Act 1-Sc.5

We may have callbacks at 2:30 for people to read for specific parts. If you are not called back, it doesn’t mean you might not be in the show. It may mean we already have a spot that would be perfect for you. We will make our casting call on Saturday if there is time, and Sunday afternoon at the latest.

Lead Characters

Aladdin – (There will be a young one for the first two scenes, a teen will play him for the remainder of the play.) Aladdin starts the story as a lazy, mischievous boy who would rather run with his friends in the bazaar than help his father, a tailor, or his mother.  He has no ambition and only dreams of his destiny. His character changes once he meets the sorcerer who tricks him into getting the magic lamp.   In time, by facing several challenges, Aladdin learns to work hard, learn from others, discovers what is important in life, and continues to dream big.  In time, he learns to become a hero, and finds true love.  Must be able to show his playful side, as well as his serious side.

Princess Boudrabadour – (There will also be a young princess for the first two scenes, with a teen playing her for the remainder of the play).  The princess is somewhat spoiled, but yet shielded from life outside the palace.  She has an independent streak, and will sneak away from her maid when she can to explore the city as a regular person.  Her mother died in childbirth so the Princess has been raised by the sultan in part, but the maid is more like a mother to her.  She is bold, courageous, and outspoken and doesn’t want to be forced into marrying someone she does not love.

Aladdin’s mother – She is a hardworking parent who perhaps spoils Aladdin at times.  She is frustrated by Aladdin’s lack of ambition, but doesn’t always discourage him from dreaming big.  She is willing to help Aladdin in any way she can, even if it is something very challenging.  Mother does not like being around genies because they frighten her.  She is very resilient and sometimes surprises herself.

Sultan – He is the father of the princess.  He tries very hard to be a good ruler of his Sultanate (kingdom).  The Sultan makes himself available to his people, whether they are rich with a big problem, or they are a poor tailor’s wife asking a favor.  He thinks wealth is very important in selecting a partner in marriage.  The Sultan has arranged a match with a rich suitor which the princess resents.  He protects his daughter, and she is the most important part of his life.

Genie of the Lamp – He is an all-powerful slave to the lamp who must grant wishes to the owner of the lamp.  He is all about business until he meets Aladdin who is interested in learning what a genie is all about.  Must be able to have a scary, intimidating presence, as well as a wise side to his character.  A booming voice would be nice.

Genie of the Ring – She is an all-powerful slave to a magical ring of the sorcerer.  The ring falls into Aladdin’s possession early on in the play and she serves only him.  She is a less powerful genie than the genie of the lamp, which means she has to rely on her wits to help solve problems.  Should be able to have a foreboding voice to scare the audience when you first appear.

Scherazade, the storyteller – This is played by a female who serves as the narrator of the show.  Must be a very good story teller able to hold the audience in the palm of her hand.  An expressive face, variety in your voice, and use of your hands are all important in telling this story.  You have the opening story which sets the scene for everything else that takes place.  It would help to be mysterious, determined, courageous, warm, and wise.

Princess Boudrabadour’s Maid – It is her job to take care of the princess, teaching her how to someday be the sultana (queen of the sultanate).  It is a very challenging job and sometimes frustrates the maid.  At times she is angry with the princess but at other times is warm and caring, playing the mother the princess never had.

The Sorcerer – He is evil and a very tricky person.  He can hide his evil side for a while. His desire for the power of the lamp trumps all other concerns in his life.  He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  He is the classic evil villain.  Should be able to look intimidating with a booming voice.  The sight of him should scare little children

Featured Roles

The Grand Vizier – He is the advisor to the Sultan.  He is not a strong character.  His primary concern is himself and arranging for his son to  marry the princess.  He is not a fan of Aladdin.

Aladdin’s Father – He is a poor, tired, tailor.  He wishes Aladdin would be more helpful to him.  The Dad has been worn down by life, working hard every day for very little money.  He has no big dreams, hoping for his next meal and the shelter of his humble home.  He dies in the second scene.

Towns people – (made up of people of all ages)  They can be merchants, customers, sneaky kids in the bazaar, servants, suitors, and  members of the court.

Staff List

Author and Co-Director
Gil Opferman

Ann Opferman

Assistant Director
Alyssa Sammons

Assistant Director-Intern-IT-Social Media
Justin Brandon

Costume Designer
Deb Iams

Melody Sheehan

Set Designer
Craig Williams

Master Builder
Dave Sammon

Lighting Design
Kevin Zepp

Sound Design
Nathan Moss

Graphic Design
Tom Opferman

Make-up Design
Gwen Cribbett

Amber McFarland

Jennifer Gronewold

Stage Manager
Jacob Pahde

Kid Coordinator
Trisha Headman