STC’s Murder Mystery Dinner

March  8-9, 15-16, 22-23, 2019

The RatTrap

Directed by Drew Stroud

Auditions will be Saturday, February 2, 2019!  To sign up for an audition slot,!

The Rattrap is centered around the idea of a “play-within-a-play” meaning you will not only be playing the character in the show – you will also be playing the actor in the show as well. For your audition, you will perform a monologue with a character break purposely written in. For example, you might be delivering Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be” soliloquy and then mid-way stop to ask the director “what’s my motivation?” The goal is to see two distinct characters and to also shake up your “typical” auditions. There will also be some cold readings.

Synopsis: Mr. Arnold has been murdered after hosting a cruel event called the RatTrap in which he turns his guests into mice as they race around his house trying to find an amulet worth 1 million dollars. As they spit and spat with each other, Mr. Arnold pushes them to their extremes, leading one to become a murderer. It’s the audiences job to decipher Whodunit? The only problem – these actors can’t seem to get their lines right, can’t stop breaking character, and can’t stay out of the liquor cabinet. And because the audience gets to vote on what scenes they want to watch, no performance will be the same. Interactive theater has never felt so murderous.

Cast: [Brackets indicate the “actors” characteristics]
Mr. Arnold – (M, Age 40-60) Our victim and host of the Rattrap. A cruel man who believes he will never die and doesn’t care what others think about him. [Passionate actor who would rather be performing in some larger, main stage production, but is forced to settle on this show]

Mrs. Arnold- (F, Age 40-60): Mr. Arnold’s wife. Loves her husband but has grown tired of him. [As an actress she keeps having the worst luck – can’t seem to stop getting hurt.]

Detective Spruce – (M, Any age): Our narrator for the story and guide for the audience. On the case to help the audience figure out who murderer Mr. Arnold. Improv skills are a must.

Simon – (M, Any age): The Arnold’s butler. Very loyal to Mr. Arnold and would fall him to the end of the earth. Madly in love with the maid, Violet. [Can’t seem to get other actors name straight. Also can’t keep stock of his props.]

Kit – (M, Age 20-30): A zany crook who is only there so he and his sister (Kat) can steal whatever they can get their hands on. [Very aware of the audience and tries to impress them. Also dating the actress who plays Kat.]

Kat – (F, Age 20-30): Kit’s sidekick and sister in their thieving endeavors. [Not the brightest actress. Also extremely clumsy and can’t seem to walk without falling. Dating the actor who plays Kit.]

Kris – (F, Age 20-30): One of Mrs. Arnold’s acquaintances. Isn’t sure why she was invited to the party until a shocking truth is revealed. [Is trying to produce a quality show and keep all the other actors in line, but when no one else will take the show seriously, she has a diva-break down and quits]

Kyle – (M, Age 20-30): Married to Kris. Sort of a boring, comedic character, that no one is really sure why he belongs in the story. [Cannot remember any of his lines. Overacts the lines he does remember ]

Danny – (M, Age 30-40): A family friend who really just wants to party. [Shows up to the show drunk and later fills in for the character of Kris.]

Barry – (M, Age 40-60): Mr. Arnold’s best friend and partner in his business. Jealous of everything that Mr. Arnold has achieved, especially his marriage to Mrs. Arnold. [Tries to keep the show from falling apart, but is pretty unsuccessful]

Violet – (F, Any age): The Arnold’s maid. Spunky, quick-witted, and wanting to do whatever she can to impress Mr. Arnold. [Very sarcastic as an actor, often the one to make other actor’s break]