STC’s Murder Mystery Dinner

March  8-9, 15-16, 22-23, 2019

The RatTrap

Directed by Drew Stroud

Auditions will be Saturday, February 2, 2019!  More information to come soon – audition sign-ups will be available approximately 8 weeks prior to auditions.

Mr. Arnold has been murdered in cold blood. The whole thing was gross and honestly you’re a little confused on who would kill such a loving man. But it’s your job, detective, to figure it out. We’ve hired the best of the best by enticing them with food, drinks, and poorly timed humor. Throughout the night you’ll play a game of Choose Your Own Adventure – where one wrong decision may end up being fatal. Though we were given a hefty budget, we ended up spending all of it on bubble gum and yo-yos, so unfortunately the rest of the show is truly terrible. You’ll honestly hate this show. But you’ll be supporting a great cause – so at least it’s a wash. Come out and see a show that no one is prepared for – and you’ll be bound to leave the night in stitches. (Be it from the deranged murderer or the copious amount of laughing you’ll be doing.) This satirical take on murder mysteries will have you leaving the theatre saying: “Well, that was a definitely a show.”