STC’s Murder Mystery Dinner: Sugar & Vice

Shows run March 13-14, 20-21, & 27-28

Directed by Kim Shafer

The year is 1888 and in the house of a prosperous sweet manufacturer something stirs. The stirring is done by the Cook, Mrs Enid Baggins, who is putting the final touches to the secret recipe for the Davenport Dreadnought Drops. Sales of this new product are expected to enhance the fortunes of the Davenport family. But Mrs Baggins is found drowned in her own concoction and foul play is suspected.

Enter Inspector Arthur Pratt of Scotland Yard, quickly followed by
Millie Fry one of those new-fangled lady reporters.
In the household, they find Great Aunt Edna Rowntree the family matriarch
Miss Treadwell Edna’s paid companion
Rolo Davenport the confectioner
Delphinia Davenport his daughter
Willie Mackintosh a sweet delivery boy
Frobisher Davenport’s butler
Lord St John Snearing Delphinia’s suitor

Cam Inspector Pratt solve the case and get back to investigating a string of murders in Whitechapel? Can Miss Fry help, or is she just a nuisance? Can the audience unwrap the case of sugar and vice?

Auditions are Saturday, January 18, 2020

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