April 13-15 & 20-22, 2018
Directed by: Kelly Bassett



Author Larry Blamire has synthesized the conflicting legends and ballads about the famous outlaw folk hero and created a hysterical, sprawling, action-packed drama. Besides ably retelling the legend, he has created roles that challenge and reinvent the myth, including a wise-cracking, superior swords person in Marian, and a Robin who only by chance finds himself a hero. But true to the legend, of course, all ends well: The Sheriff’s sleazy scheme to wed and bed young Ellen fizzles, King John’s vicious taxes are rescinded, the Sherwood Foresters are finally legitimized, and a justice descends on England’s green and pleasant land.


Robin – Mark Beanblossom

Marian – Elizabeth Markel

Wil Scarlet – Michael Chase

Sheriff – Wil Decker

King John – Ron Logsdon

Bishop of Hereford – Dale Spoon

Meg – Shannon Murphy

Little John – William Adams

Queen Eleanor – Tammy Kuhn-Schnell

Prioress – Madeline Frye

Hillton – Olivia Jacobs

Ellen – Vivian Shen

Much – Kala McGuire

Guy of Gisbourne – Chuk Robertson

Catherine – Jennifer Dennison

Riccon – Bob Fees

Arthur a Bland – Mitch Ladd

Friar Tuck/Eadom – Dennis Frye

Alan-a-Dale – Kevin Cline

Forrester – Nichol Speciale



Director… Kelly Hymans Bassett
Assistant: Dale Mason
Costumes: Pat Jackson Hymans Al Hymans
Set builder: Al Hymans
Light Design: Kevin Hootey Cline
Sound Design/operator: Collin Bradford
Stage manager: Dale Mason
Flys: Tammy Kuhn Schnell
Stage Combat: Bob Barb Ferguson-Fees Sarah Reisch
Producer: Judy Simon McEvoy
Makeup/hair: Elizabeth Marcy
Props: Melody Sheehan
Set Painting/Design: