Directed by: Carly Shank
Produced by: Pam Brown
February 12-14 & 19-21

Production Photography by Donna Lounsberry

Newly available to community theater, Jonathan Larson’s rock musical is winning a new generation of fans, most born long after the late ‘80s, where Rent’s young bohemian artists struggle to make it in New York City in the age of AIDS.  Based on Puccini’s La Boheme, the musical was made into a popular film in 2005.  Larson, though, did not live to see its success; he died suddenly the night before its off-Broadway premiere.


Mark Cohen – A filmmaker                                                                Michael Jones
Roger Davis – a songwriter                                                              Ralph Shank
Tom Collins – a gay philosophy professor and anarchist                  Sean Michael Butler
Bengamin Coffin III – former roommate-turned-landlord                 Kellen Fant
of Roger, Mark, Collins and Maureen
Angel Dumott Schunard – a gay drag queen percussionist              Grant Estes
Mimi Márquez – an exotic dancer                                                      Anna Bussing
Joanne Jefferson – a lesbian lawyer                                               Natalie Randall
Maureen Johnson – a bisexual performance artist                          Mary Kate Smith

Also Staring:

Becky Bertram
Jacob Deters
Samantha Gaines
Tia Lang
Keith Mallory
Lindsey Ninmer
John Sivak
Kelly Trier
Lawrence Valdez