Once Upon A Mattress

October 14-16 & 21-23, 2016

If you thought you knew the story of “The Princess and The Pea,” you may be in for a walloping surprise! Did you know, for instance, that Princess Winnifred actually swam the moat to reach Prince Dauntless the Drab? Or that Lady Larken’s love for Sir Harry provided a rather compelling reason that she reached the bridal altar post haste? Or that, in fact, it wasn’t the pea at all that caused the princess a sleepless night? Carried on a wave of wonderful songs, by turns hilarious and raucous, romantic and melodic, this rollicking spin on the familiar classic of royal courtship and comeuppance provides for some side-splitting shenanigans. Chances are you’ll never look at fairy tales quite the same way again.


Music by
Mary Rodgers


Lyrics by
Marshall Barer

Book by
Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer, Dean Fuller
Music copyright 1959 by Mary Rodgers, Lyrics Copyright 1959, 1967 by Marshall Barer. Book Copyright 1959 by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer, and Dean Fuller. Copyright renewed. International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved.

Production Staff

Directed by
Sean Rose

Assistant Directed by
Carly Holmes-Stroud

Vocal Direction by
John D. Steckel

Choreography by
Katie McDannald

Musical Direction by
Adam Power


Accompaniment by
Lynn Martin

Set Designed by
Drew Stroud

Costumes Designed by
Laurabeth Allen

Props Designed by
Melody Sheehan

Stage Managed by
Dorothy Gross

Produced by
Kelly E. Bassett & Jennifer Gronewold


The Cast

Justin Brandon

Carrie Branson

Lady Larken
Sarah Kline

Queen Aggravian
Carla DeLay

Prince Dauntless
Drew Stroud

King Sextimus the Silent
Roger Finnell

Rachel Gross

Sir Harry
Wes Bridges

Princess WInnifred
Amanda Hoffman

Sir Studley
Zachary Harness

Sir Luce
Marcus Blair

Lady Lucille
Zipporea Abdulmalik

Lady Rowena
Katie Steinhour

Lady Merrill
Sarah Reisch

Wench/Luce’s Lady
Joy Luper

Lady Beatrice
Brianna Klein

Joseph Murray, Anthony Munar, Squire Prince


Musical Director
Adam Power

Sean Rose

Hope Quarles

Bass Clarinet
Melissa Blankenstyn

Wil Adams

French Horn
Amber Rak

Mitch Belusko

Blake Martin

Mary E. Myers

Gabe Cowan

Lynn Martin