Newsies Jr.

April 14-16 & 21-23, 2023

Directed by Elizabeth Cheney

Inspired by the rousing true story of newsboys in turn-of-the-century New York City, Newsies Jr. is a 60 minutes adaptation featuring a Tony Award-winning score! When powerful newspaper publishers raise prices at the newsboys’ expense, the charismatic Jack Kelly rallies newsies from across the city to strike against the unfair conditions. Together, the newsies learn that they are stronger united and create a movement to fight for what’s right. Including the now-classic songs “Carrying the Banner,” “Seize the Day,” and “Santa Fe,” Newsies Jr. is a timeless story full of spirit and heart. Newsies Jr. premieres on our stage April 14th, 2023.

Cast List

Jack Kelly- Jackson Thornton
Katherine Plumber- Alaina Taylor
Crutchie- Charlie Holzmacher
Davey- Layne Kretzinger
Les- William Livengood
Joseph Pulitzer- Jack Bailey
Medda Larkin- Adelyn Rollins
Wiesel- Aurelia Vandenbergh
Morris Delancey- Micah Hovenier
Oscar Delancey- Colin Littrell
Ada(Medda Girl)/Newsie- Lydia Ressler
Albert(Newsie)- Jesse Smith
Bunsen- Ainsley Kerns
Buttons(Newsie)- Jude Smith
Darcy(Photographer)/Newsie-Carlee Fairchild
Ethel(Medda Girl)/Newsie- Emma Price
Governor Teddy Roosevelt/Bill- Ben Kilt
Hannah/Dorothy- Aynslie Garland-Sutter
Hazel(Newsie)- Alina Johnson
Jo Jo(Newsie)- Beau Lyman
Medda Girl/Newsie- Aspen Rudin
Muriel (Newsie)- Magdalena Osterhuber
Nancy (Newsie)- Jane Holzmacher
Olive (Medda Girl)/Newsie- Elena Dean
Pat(Stage Manager)/Woman-Ella Nelson
Pigtails(Newsie)- Maizie Peebles
Police Chief/Newsie- Jonathan Long
Race(Newsie)-Kaiyah Bubniak
Romeo(Newsie)- Vincent Powell
Newsie/Scab 1- Andersen Rollins
Newsie/Scab 2- Jillian Brant
Newsie/Scab 3- Joseline Brant
Seitz- Ursula Phillips- Eccles
Snyder- Amelia Gaddis
Specs(Newsie)- Holden Nichols
Spot Conlon/Newsie- Zola Wasteful
Tommy Boy(Newsie)- Elijah Gum