Dear Edwina Junior (White Rabbit)

Dear Edwina Junior (White Rabbit)
Directed by: Cathy Doyle
Produced by: Barbara McKean
Auditions – Saturday, September 11, 2010 – 9 a.m
Performances: November 5-14
Curtain Times: Friday & Saturday – 7:00 p.m.; Sunday 2:00 p.m.

Broadway Junior Collection includes some of Broadway’s best-loved musicals which have been specially adapted for young performers-abridged to 60-80 minutes, with music transposed into keys appropriate for young voices.

At last a musical that features a cast of nearly all girl performers! Follow the adventures of advice- giver extraordinaire, Edwina Spoonapple as she directs the kids in the neighborhood in production number after hilarious production number in her “Advice-A-Palooza” extravaganza. Written in the style of Schoolhouse Rock Live! and You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, Dear Edwina Junior is the perfect girl power musical for a new generation.


Katy Bretscher Myra Spoonapple, Chorus
Ashton Burdell Aphrodite/Chorus
Stella Cole Susie/Chorus
Brian Cota Bobby/Vladimir
Keegan Dearing Lars/Frank/Farmer Jerry/Chorus
Austin Duffie Johnny/Chorus
Karmen Endres Chef Ludmilla/Chorus
Lindsay Finnell Fairy Forkmother/Queen of Boola Boola/Talent Scout
Kassie Fuiten Waiter/Chorus
Barabara Cannar Cheerleader/Naplin/Farm Girl/Chorus
Jakob Groeteke Scott
Beth Haxel Kelli
Dylan Leach Billy/Ziggy Montego
Tori Londrigan Sonoma/Chorus
Gabrielle Lynn Mary Sue Betty Bob
Ellen Mannion Becky
Kristin McAlister Annie
Sarah McLaughlin Periwinkle/Chorus
Liam McParland Harry/Chorus
Alex Remolina Cardell/William
Carmen Remolina Napkin/Farm Girl/Waiter
Emma Robinson Waiter/Chorus
Tahara Rossi Lola/Chorus
Emma Shafer Edwina Spoonapple
Schyler Thomas Katie Spoonapple
Rachel Verduin Carrie/Frank’s Ma/Chorus
Emily Wilkerson Abigail/Chorus

Character Breakdown – All roles will be within the 10-15 year old range (that has the age look of 10-15 years old).

LEAD CHARACTERS (with vocal solos):

Edwina Spoonapple: bossy, but lovable. Show centers around her. Must have a strong, clear voice with good diction.

Becky: Cheerleader for the Paw Paw Wildcats. Must be outgoing with some athletic ability. Cheerleading experience would be helpful.

Scott: Neighbor boy in love with Edwina. Good comedic timing. Strong vocal ability.

Kelli: Neighborhood ballerina. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a dancer, but could have a short dance solo.

Bobby: The new next door neighbor who gets roped into being in Edwina’s show. Fun and outgoing.

Billy: One of the Vanderploonk triplets, who is also the leader of Ziggy’s Band.

Annie: Neighborhood Girl Scout. She is perky, energetic, and helpful….maybe even too helpful.

SUPPORT CHARACTERS (with vocal solos):

Cordell: One of the Vanderploonk triplets

Aphrodite, Carrie, Abigail, Periwinkle and Ziggy -These 5 are letter readers in the show, each with their own vocal solo and will be used in other roles in the show.

Vladimir: The scary Transyvanian Uncle of Edwina. Must have very good diction with a Transylvanian accent. Will play other roles as well.

Chef Ludmilla, William, Sonoma, and Fairy Forkmother team up for the fun song, “Fork, Knife, Spoon”. Will play other roles as well.

Susie and the Napkins: Good singers and dancers. Probably as 50’s type group. Will play other roles as well.

Harry and Lola: Cousins. One from Lima, Peru. The other, from Honolulu. Act out one of the big numbers in the show, “Hola, Lola”

Mary Sue Betty Bob: Edwina’s cousin who leads in the fun song, “Put it in the Piggy”. Farmer Jerry, the Girls and the Pigs join in the fun.


Katie Spoonapple: Younger sister to Edwina. The math wiz

Ann (Andy) Van Buren: Talent scout

Lars: one of the Vanderploonk triplets. Accident prone. Good physical comedy skills helpful.

Frank: a rude, self-centered, bratty kid. An over-the-top actor.

Frank’s Ma: Another “over-the-topper”.

Myra: Edwina’s little sister.

Joe: Edwina’s brother.

Johnny and the Queen of Boola Boola: They act out Susie and the Napkins song.


The support characters will play multiple parts and sing in as many chorus numbers as they can between costume changes. All roles will also serve as set crew to help with set changes.