STC Diversity and Inclusion Statement



People and their stories are at the center of everything we do at Springfield Theatre Centre (STC).  Regardless of race, color, ancestry, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or expression, veteran status, religious beliefs, education level, socioeconomic background, or any other differences, STC believes in the ability of each and every individual to make their own unique contributions to our organization and the broader community. Thus, STC is committed to building a creative and dynamic culture that respects, supports, values, and celebrates diverse life experiences, heritages, voices, and perspectives. STC strives to weave the thread of respect and support for all individuals and their differences through its audition processes, rehearsals, and performances, as well as in its theatrical content, social media outlets, and among its board of directors, show directors, production staff, volunteers, and patrons.  Furthermore, STC pledges to partner and support organizations, businesses, and individuals that share our dedication to creating and nurturing an inclusive, diverse, and connected environment with equitable treatment for all people within their organizations and the broader communities. In its mission of bringing the arts to the community, STC strives to create and promote a culture of inclusion, support, and celebration of diversity in all aspects of performing arts.  


STC will take the following steps towards promoting a culture of inclusion, support, and celebration of the diversity of all people: 

  • STC will continue to hold open auditions wherein all members of our community have equal opportunities to participate and be cast.  
  • STC will encourage and promote a consent culture among its show directors, production staff, and performers.  STC expects directors to consider the identity, safety, and consent of auditionees and performers at all times and especially during auditions, rehearsals, and performances.
  • STC will make every effort to showcase and produce theatrical productions that are accurate in their depictions of the setting and world of its shows, while being mindful of language that is hurtful, harmful, and/or discriminatory. 
  • STC will attempt to create seasons that represent all members of society in its show selections, creative staff, and performers.  
  • STC will attempt to foster an environment where constructive, open, honest, patient, and empathetic dialogue on potentially abusive/disrespectful/serious/hurtful subject matter is welcomed and encouraged by listening to and respecting all people’s opinions, experiences, and perspectives.  
  • STC will be selective in seeking out collaboration and support from individuals, organizations, and corporations that share its beliefs in upholding the dignity of all persons.  
  • STC will maintain an avenue for safe expression through its online incident reporting form and procedures for reporting abusive/threatening/discriminatory actions and incidents.