STC Annual Awards

The Springfield Theatre Centre is proud to announce our STC Awards. 2023 will be the inaugural year for these awards. These awards will serve as a way to recognize individuals for their significant contributions to promoting quality theatre throughout the area, advancing the mission and goals of STC, and contributing to a more vibrant, livable community. Nominations may be made by anyone, with or without the nominees knowledge. All submissions will be reviewed and approved by STC’s awards committee and voted on by STC’s Board of Directors. Recipients will be announced in the summer with a recognition event to happen at a date and location TBD. Winners will receive a special plaque with commissioned artwork from local artist Felicia Olin.

Please use the form below to nominate. July 8th, 2023 is the deadline for nomination submissions.

Nomination Form


Art by Felicia Olin

Outstanding Service – recognizes a volunteer who consistently supports the arts through a commitment of personal time, energy, and devotion, and continually elevates the efforts and mission of STC.


Art by Felicia Olin

Distinguished Merit – honors a lifetime of leadership and example by an individual for their contributions made to STC, which continually promoted and encouraged the highest possibles standards in community theatre.


Art by Felicia Olin

Rising Star – recognizes an individual, involved with STC and is under the age of 20 years old, who has made a significant impact on the advancement of STC and its mission through volunteerism, service and leadership.


Nominators should submit a complete nomination form including:

A brief statement on why this person is deserving of recognition, including a biography of the individual, up to 500 words.

Maximum of ten supporting materials including images, media coverage, signed letters of support, link to social media pages, or other information directly supporting the stated achievements. Photo of the nominee. Captions and credit (if required) must be provided with the image.

Self-nominations are welcome.

PLEASE NOTE: Awards and Honors given to recipients on behalf of STC are based upon the nominations and supporting material provided by the nominee’s professional peers. STC has the sole discretion to give an award and reserves all rights to rescind any such tributes if it is later deemed that the nominee has conducted themselves in a manner other than the highest standards of the organization.


The recipients of the awards will be recognized at a date a location TBD.


If you have questions about our awards or nominations, please email us at