Board of Directors




2021-2022 Officers 

Jacob Deters – President

Bess Johnson – Vice President

Stacy Kolaz – Secretary

Liz Brown-Reeves – Treasurer

Mary Young – Executive Producer

Dave Sammons – Executive Technical Director

Reggie Guyton – Play Reading Committee Chair 

Cynthia Higginson, Tammy Kuhn-Schnell, Andrew Rains – ACTT Mentors




Board Members

Roger Finnell

Mary Young

Jasmine French

Reggie Guyton

Dave Sammons

Kevin Hart

Amy Stewart

Deanna Sullivan



Board Members, Emeritus

 Bill Bauser, Jr

 Kelly Robertson



Play Reading Committee 

Reggie Guyton – Chair 

Jasmine French 

Stacy Kolaz

Amy Stewart 

Finance Committee

Liz Brown-Reeves – Chair


Personnel/Nominations Committee

Bess Johnson – Chair



Non-Board Committee Chairs

Marie Kulavic – Costume Chairperson

Melody Sheehan – Props Chairperson

Stacy Kolaz – Hair and Makeup Chairperson